Insurance companies do not enjoy paying on claims.  They may even blame you for the fire!  Don't let this happen to you.  I have assisted in helping people get their claim paid!  When an insurance company knows or should have known you were not at fault for the damage to your home and still don't pay, you may be entitled to double or sometimes triple the amount owed to you.


Don't let insurance companies avoid paying your for damage from hail or hurricane winds.  Hail not only damages your roof but your windows, fence, and paneling.  Call us to get a full estimate on your claim.  


Did you have a tub leak?  Toilet overflow?  Broken pipe cause water to leak into your home and cause damage? This might be covered by your insurance!  Do not attempt to repair leaks yourself.  You should be paid enough to contract a professional plumber or contractor to do the work! 


Were you the victim of a break in?  Insurance giving you the run around?  Insurance making you prove your case, call me.